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Relocating to Frisco?
Time to get excited.

If you’re fortunate enough to be relocating to the Frisco area, there’s a few things you should know (if you don’t already). Like the fact that you’re moving to a thriving city that’s been named one of the best places to live—thanks to world-class dining, shopping and entertainment, professional sports teams, a top-rated school district and more. And when you live at The Grove Frisco you’re within minutes of all of it. See what we mean? Lucky you.

Get to know Frisco


“From the very moment we drove in, we felt there was something completely different we were going to see. The homes themselves were lovely and beautiful, but also different.”

“My last house I was in [for] 18 years and I didn’t really know my neighbors. They do so many events here for people that I met people right away. Even though I’m kind of on the upper end of the age demographic, it’s cool that we can interact with the younger people too, it keeps us young.”

“We got to know a lot of people right off the bat before the house was even built. Our grandkids came over and played in the park, they saw the house going up, so it was a lot of fun. And I thought the last house was going to be our last house, but this looks like this is going to be the one. We’re not planning on moving any time soon, we really like this place.”

“There was something about The Grove, the way we drove in, the gigantic trees and magical, great space that made it really happy and really comfortable to be around. It was very easy to move here.”

“The moment we walked in we just felt like it was going to be home. We loved all the birds, all the trees, we loved the pool and the amenity center. It reminded us of a resort and it felt like we were on a vacation. Who doesn’t want to live somewhere where you feel like you’re on vacation every day? That’s why we chose to live here.”

“We have an 8 year old little girl and we did not want to move and leave her friends. When we toured some of the houses across from the playground though, my husband and I stood her on the front porch and we said, this is the first house we’ve seen that we can picture having a family here, and that our daughter will love the playground. We said that there’s got to be kids in the neighborhood if we live on the playground. That’s what ended up selling it for us.”

“There’s just so much. There’s so many planned activities, but then there’s unplanned moments like hanging out on the cul-de-sac, playing with the neighbors, getting to know the neighbors, making instant connections with the kids around the neighborhood. It’s very special.”

Family shopping downtown in Frisco, Texas

Area map

We think the best way to get your bearings (besides visiting in person) is to explore our interactive map. You’ll be able to see what’s around, from schools to shopping and more.

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Young girl eating ice cream at The Grove Frisco community, Frisco TX

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