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Water Tower Frisco February Blog 2023 in TGF

20 March . 2024

Frisco is a Top 10 tech city, with No. 1 ranking for livability

Frisco ranks high on a new list of top tech cities that weighs career opportunities and prioritizes safe environments to live and raise a family.

Frisco made the Top 10 among 100 cities the new Top Tech Cities in the U.S. list from Cloudwards, taking its place beside tech heavyweights such as Austin, New York, San Francisco and Seattle.

Frisco stands out as the No. 1 most livable city on the list. “Its low tax rate, low crime rate (ranked second overall in the U.S.) and reasonable cost of living make it a popular choice for IT professionals,” according to Cloudwards.

“Frisco also has a vibrant tech community,” Cloudwards wrote, with IT professionals making up the second-largest occupation in the city, accounting for about 12% of the total workforce.

Frisco offers a competitive average IT salary of $95,516 annually, the report adds.

“While the number of open positions, average salaries and internet coverage do matter, it’s important to also consider your safety,” Cloudwards states. “Living expenses and the presence of a vibrant tech community for networking purposes are beneficial factors to keep in mind too.”

IBM, Oracle and Amazon are among the big tech companies that have set up shop in Frisco, and the city also houses 517 smaller tech companies, the report notes.

Frisco’s latest tech newcomer is California-based Plug and Play, which will open a local office to provide a series of startup business accelerator programs.

"Frisco has big ambitions when it comes to fostering innovation as our goal is to be the Venture Capital Capitol of the Central U.S. by 2040," Frisco Mayor Jeff Cheney stated.

Frisco’s tech industry has a particular emphasis on sports. As Sports City USA, Frisco is home to eight professional and college sports organizations, from the Cowboys to the PGA. Of the more than 350 tech startups in Frisco, 99 are sports tech related, according to Gloria Salinas, vice president of the Frisco Economic Development Corporation.

Financial technology is another area of focus for Frisco, with 165 fintech companies in the city today.
Frisco is followed closely by Plano, one of the Four Corners cities surrounding The Grove Frisco, which ranks No. 2 nationally for livability.