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Duckling rescue at The Grove Frisco

15 August . 2019

Duckling rescue is a community effort at The Grove Frisco

The Grove Frisco is home to a new set of quintuplets.

Mama Duck and her five ducklings are now happily settled at one of the community’s ponds, following a rescue that started when the ducklings were all washed down a storm drain. 

The story began when an expectant mother duck took up residence this summer in the backyard of one of American Legend’s model homes in The Grove Frisco. She made her nest in one of the planter boxes in the backyard, and she occasionally enjoyed the swimming pool.

American Legend employees Lorie Seals, Greg Cook, and B.V. Sano all took the duck under their watchful eyes, naming her Mama Duck and offering her duck food every day. Mama Duck turned out to be quite sociable, making fast friends with the staff and many visitors.

Lorie has a couple of friends involved in animal rescue, and they advised her on how to help Mama Duck prepare for her new brood. A priority was to get some escape ramps for the pool, since the ducklings would immediately hit the water, but wouldn’t be able to get out.

Lorie and the American Legend team were ready for Mama Duck to stay at the model home for about two months after her ducklings arrived, which is typical.

But the ducklings were hatched at the same time the area was experiencing some major summer thunderstorms, with plenty of rain, lightning and thunder.

Spooked by the weather, Mama Duck began leading her ducklings from the model home backyard to one of the community ponds when they were less than a day old. On the way there, a stream of water flowing down the street swept the ducklings off their feet, and washed all five of them down into a storm drain.

The accident was discovered when several residents heard Mama Duck crying at the drain grate. Looking down into the drain, they could see the five ducklings trapped helplessly at the bottom.

The residents contacted Lorie, who called the Frisco Police Department. The police recommended calling the city water department, so they could remove the grate and use a net to rescue the ducklings.

A complication arose when Mama Duck, alarmed by all of the activity around the drain, flew off to the pond. Without their mother around, the ducklings scattered in distress along the bottom of the drain, making it impossible to scoop them out.

Fortunately, one of Lorie’s animal rescue friends had the solution. They needed to go over to Mama Duck at the pond and record her voice on a phone, then bring the recording back to play for the ducklings. The trick worked, and the ducklings quickly came forward at the sound of their mother’s quacks.

The ducklings were lifted out of the drain in just a matter of minutes. By that time, Mama Duck had come back, and was happy to find her ducklings safe and uninjured. Everyone watched in relief as she safely led her flock to their new home at the pond.

Click on the image above to watch video.

Lorie said she expects Mama Duck to return to the American Legend model home when she’s ready to lay eggs for a new brood of ducklings.

“Mama Duck is always welcome here,” Lorie said. “She’s very outgoing and not afraid, and she’s made many friends here.”

If you happen to see Mama Duck or her ducklings at a model home or pond in The Grove Frisco, wave hello. They’re safe and sound because of a caring community that came together.